Wellputt Wellvision Plus

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The Wellputt Wellvision Plus combines two putting mirrors to enable golfers to develop consistency and accuracy in putting set-up and ultimately achieve centered ball control and enhance start-line control.

The main mirror helps position the eye properly and features alignment lines, both parallel and perpendicular to the target line. It also includes metal chrome balls that can be arranged as gates to provide immediate feedback on your stroke.

The secondary mirror is designed to deliver feedback on shoulder and body alignement for a perfect set up.

The Wellputt Wellvision Plus Features:

Ultra thin (0.03") stainless steel black mirrors
Durability and anti-reflective effect

Main mirror 
Get visual feedback to confirm proper eye position

Secondary Mirror
Get visual feedback to confirm proper shoulder and body position 

Putter alignment line
Aim your putter face squarely at the target

Adjustable putter head gate
Train solid ball contact

Adjustable start line gate (metal beads)
Build confidence in your start line control