Wellputt Putting String Line

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The Putting String Line by Wellputt is the ultimate training aid to refine your start line and face alignment skills to match your green reading. Simply position the string line on the green where you intend to send the ball and watch your skills and confidence soar.

The Wellputt Putting String Line features:

Adjustable 300cm String
The length of the string line is easily adjustable allowing you to tailor it to any training configuration.

Convenient Rods
Two durable rods can be effortlessly positioned on the green to create the perfect setup for your putting practice.

Small Beads
The string line is equipped with three small beads providing a visual reference for eye positioning, aiming and/or stroke amplitude. Enhance your precision and consistency with this innovative feature.

Portable storage box
The portable storage box offers convenient on-the-go organization, ensuring that your essentials are neatly stored wherever your journey takes you.