Wellputt Mat 26ft - Classic Green

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Wellputt have developed this exclusive putting mat for training centers, golf shops or large houses. Developed to perform on long distance putts beyond 5m/16ft. Reach every time the safe zone of 1m/3ft.

The 26ft Classic Wellputt training mat accurately replicates a medium-to-fast putting green surface with a rolling quality that is renowned as the leading scientifically accurate reproduction of a real-life green. The mat comes with patented visual aids designed to fine-tune your accuracy and consistency. As you train on long-distance putts beyond 16ft, you develop muscle memory of the correct aim and the right touch that's guaranteed to get you in or next to the cup.


  • Approved by Cameron McCormick, Coach of Jordan Spieth
  • Multiple visual aids for body and putter head alignment, stroke amplitude and eye positioning
  • Integrated motion putting guide (Wellstroke)
  • Weight : 19.53 lbs
  • 2 play directions: accuracy & distance control
  • "Good zone - Bad zone" for training pace
  • The roll, speed and feel of a real-life green at 10/11.5ft stimp
  •  Wellputt App for iOS & android including 72 practice exercises

The concept of the Wellputt mat 

For the first time ever, you will have to pass the hole and finish behind in the "welling putt zone" or the "good putt zone"

"Good Putt" Zone
It is a proven fact that a putt that has the strength of strike to finish in a zone between 1ft and 2ft behind the hole has a better resistance to slopes, and thereforemore chance of actuallygoing down the hole.

For experienced golfers, the “Up putt zone”will develop their offensive aspect, whilst ensuring the return putt.

Similarly to the Up putt zone, the Down putt zone will develop a player’s fine sensitivity, whilst ensuring the return putt.
Green speed 10/11.5ft
Length 26ft
Width 3.12ft
App iOS Yes
App Androïd Yes
Exercises 72