WellPutt Big Tilt Putting Platform

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This is the new Wellputt putting training concept.
The Big Tilt is a tilting platform that allows you to reproduce real game situations in order to train effectively.
The Big Tilt Pro Max is a package that includes a laser aiming system called Well-Line and an automated vacuum cleaner. The new Well-Linetechnology is suitable for all level players to progress quickly with fun exercises. The different programs will help you understand and build different putting strategies. We implement all our knowledge in putting training through this laser system.


We have created this concept to meet the needs of many golfers wanting to practice and improve their putting skills with different green slopes. By recreating real life game situations, our training program will make you progress rapidly and in a playful manner.
It can be installed anywhere. In the comfort of your living room, your basement, your club-house, your golf academy or your putting studio… You will stay away from the cold and rain and you can even play at night!


This concept is suitable for all golfers. For the beginner wanting to understand the trajectories, to the professional who wishes to teach putting with different analysis tools.
Our training program proposes exercises with increasing difficulty through the training. You will have the opportunity to choose the training most suited to your level and you will be able to record your progression.


Well-Line Technology

The Well-Line Technology is a laser projection system which indicates to the player the ideal putting trajectories. But it is not only an aiming system.

Many other features are available:

  • the 3 trajectory lines : Aggressive line, Wellputt line & Fall-in line,
  • automatic training programs,
  • evaluation programs,
  • different putting games and chalenges
  • tools aids for speed, stroke, stance control and many others

Well-Line is the new Wellputt hight tech product.

Coupled with the Big Tilt, this new training concept puts the player in a real game situation with different green slopes. The Well-Line systemallows the player to hit his putts with more confidence and certainty.


App Training Programs


Get your exclusive putting exercises for your Big Tilt Pro Max, available on your mobile phone and tablets!

We developed a simple and intuitive app so that you could train
freely on your platform at home or with your coach.

This app proposes a variety of different exercises and training programs designed by professional coaches, to improve your putting skills. Each program has a number of exercises suited to your needs and to your putting level.