Trident Align Transform Mirror

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The Trident Align Transform mirror is a simple, compact, yet extremely effective training tool, enabling golfers of all abilities to improve their putting stroke. We have designed Transform with features normally only seen in much larger putting mirrors and added them to a mirror which fits in the palm of your hand. Transform mirror provides feedback on a series of key parameters in your set-up and stroke that will help you groove a consistent and repeatable putting stroke.

Design Features Include:

  • Four neatly concealed adjustable stems housed on the underside of the mirror.
  • Set-up an impact gate drill using the front stems to ensure a consistent contact with the sweetspot of the putter.
  • A square front edge to help ensure consistent putter face alignment at address.
  • Mirrored section to provide feedback on eye-position and head position at set-up, also allowing you to spot any unwanted head movement during the stroke.
  • Adjustable rear stems can be moved independently and used to control or dictate a specific stroke path. The rear stems can be positioned to help eradicate an in-to-out or out-to-in stroke path. They can also be positioned to engrain a specific stroke path (straight-to-straight), depending on your stroke tendencies.
  • Etched with our patented Trident Align markings which allows you to work seamlessly with your Trident Align marked golf balls, as if you were using you Trident ball marker.
  • Includes four metal posts for indoor practice.
  • Protective pouch included.

Please Note: Currently Right-Hand Only
(Left-Hand Model Coming Soon)