Tour Aim 2.0 with 3 Alignment Sticks

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Great alignment and aim is the start of great golf

The Tour Aim Golf with Alignment Stick aids in enhancing and correcting your golf swing plane and alignment. The Tour Aim is a solid wood block with holes drilled into specific spots, allowing you to insert alignment sticks into specific holes to create a new target line in seconds.

Helps improve full swings, chipping, and putting. Additionally, front, and back swing planes keep your club on the proper plane for improved ball striking.

Tour Aim Golf Alignment Training Aid with Alignment Sticks Features:

✔︎ Can be used with full swing, chips, and putts
✔︎ Works with any standard 5/16 (.3125") diameter golf alignment stick
✔︎ Tour Aim provides true target aim down the intended target line
✔︎ Front and back swing plane angles (2 angles accommodate irons and woods)
✔︎ Promotes linear divot patterns
✔︎ Works on any surface
✔︎ Works for both Right and left-handers
**Includes 3 White Alignment Sticks

We’ve all seen how poor alignment at address can lead to poor shots. That’s why savvy golfers lay clubs, or thin rods, on the ground during practice sessions. The multidimensional Tour Aim looks simple enough but takes the concept to new heights. The hard-plastic holds standard-size, fiberglass alignment sticks in various angles and directions. The result? More productive, efficient practice time. During full or partial swings, players get instant feedback for body position and alignment, clubhead aim, even an indicator for swing plane. While putting, golfers can see their feet-and-shoulder alignment, aim, stroke path and clubface angle at impact

Aim Better - Proper target alignment and aim is the first step in the golf swing. If you are not properly aligned with your target your golf shot is doomed before you even swing.
Play Better - Improve your golf game every time you use the Tour Aim. Correct your bad swing habits before you hit the course to achieve your best score!
Score Better - See how the Tour Aim corrects your golf strokes in every game. Proper Training and habits are the most essential way to see consistently great rewards on the green!
The Swiss Army Knife of Alignment Tools - The True Target Aim fits precisely your training needs. Truly one of the most adaptable golf training aids available, make the Tour Aim fit your exact swing needs and training requirements.

Tour Aim

Alignment Method

•No true target alignment

•Hard to properly align and move to new target


True Target Aim

True Target Aim- aim and hit down the true intended target line

Easily adjust Tour Aim to new targets in seconds


Tour Aim




Tour Aim with 3 Alignment Stick
Back Swing Plane
Two Swing Plane Angles Woods(W) & Irons(I)
Works for right and left-handed golfers

Tour Aim with 3 Alignment Stick
Front Swing Plane
Two Swing Plane Angles
Woods (W) & Irons (I)
Works for right and left-handed golfers

Tour Aim with 3 Alignment Stick

Tour Aim with 3 Alignment Stick




Grass, Turf, Mats-no matter the surface TOUR AIM will hold your alignment sticks where you need them





Just turn the Tour Aim around and it works the same for Left Handers!!




TOUR AIM greatly reduces wear and tear on grass ranges.

Easily adjust to new targets in seconds