The Swing Plate Dual

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The Swing Plate Dual is a free-standing unit that can be adjusted to the position of your choice to work on swing plane, body positions and alignment!

✔︎ Ideal for creating the visual for the functional swing plane.
✔︎ Fully adjustable by hand and fits all standard types of alignment sticks.
✔︎ Ideal indoors and outdoors!

alignment sticks not included unless ordered* 

Effective practice and use of your Swing Plate can help you make improvements
Whether you ‘come over the top’, have a ‘flat backswing’ or ‘sway’ in the backswing, you can learn to manage your tendencies through correct use of your Swing Plate and alignment sticks.

Practice Anywhere
Your Swing Plate fits in your golf bag & can be used on any surface. It also fits what's widely regarded as perhaps the most useful training aid ever ; your own alignment sticks.

Practice with Precision
The quality construction allows for consistent and precise practice. No tools are required. Very simple to adjust by hand for both RH & LH golfers.