The Structure Ball

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theSTRUCTUREBALL by Watson Golf

How To Set Up

Initial setup:
  1. Remove from package.
  2. Attach Safety Strap to theSTRUCTUREBALL.
  3. Place in arms so you can see Target Line Indicator
  4. The connection point for the Safety Strap should be pointed toward you at set up.
  5. All set! Ready to practice. We highly suggest starting slow at 50-60% speed.

✔︎ Assists with proper setup and shoulder alignment
✔︎ Keeps arms connected to the body for better pivot and rotation
✔︎ Trains proper flexion in lead and trail arm to eliminate "flying elbow" and "chicken wing"
✔︎ Maximizes power by adding width and depth to your backswing

Warning: Use at your own risk  

How To Use