The Perfect Putter - Premium Pack

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The Premium Pack comes with The Perfect Putter device together with the extension for long range putts, the stand for more stability, and a carrying bag. Manufactured 100% with the highest quality non-corrosive 316 stainless steel. It is 20" tall x 20" long. Good for putts up to 21 feet without extension and 40 feet with extension.

Best for players who plan on practicing longer putts and mainly practice in 1 location.

The Perfect Putter is a patented device that generates a Perfect roll every time! It can also work as a Stimpmeter. The number “0” on the side will give you an estimate speed of the greens.

This putting tool will show you and teach you how to determine the perfect line and perfect speed for your putts.

Once you introduce Perfect Putter in your practice you will:
✔︎ Start reading putts properly 
✔︎ Gain more confidence
✔︎ Hit better putts
✔︎ Make more putts
✔︎ Lower your score