The Force Pedal Mini - 2PK

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The Force Pedal is a unique training aid designed to help all golfers increase club head speed by training your body to use the ground properly. Ground reaction force is the secret to distance and direction. Train with The Force Pedal and learn how to use the ground to build force in your golf swing.

The Force Pedal mini is the logical follow-up to your progression. With the same engineering as the original force pedal, the comfortable size allows you to maintain the feel of your progress in ground reaction force.

Perfect for all athletes, and a great option for the Juniors and those with smaller shoe sizes.

Use it for home programs and to train proprioception post injury.

Rotational Force
The unique size is perfect to train rotational, or A/P force.

It provides a great feedback loop of ground reaction forces in both directions.

What's in the Pack:
1 soft mini force pedal
The Orange soft force pedal is your introduction of how to feel to use the ground. It offers more stability, lessening the body’s postural and balance demands.

1 firm mini force pedal
The Yellow firm force pedal offers an increase in stability/postural challenges making your muscles work harder and in a more advanced way.