The Force Pedal Bundle

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The Force Pedal was created to help golfers utilise the ground to gain speed. What seems simple, as we use the ground in almost every activity we do, in the golf swing as many golfers out there now realise, actually getting that feel of how to use the ground in order to maximise ground reaction forces can be quite difficult. To find a solution, we enlisted the expertise of a top Biomechanist from Italy, in order to develop a product that will consistently give you the feel of using the ground, as well as the bounce back effect to optimise ground reaction forces.


What’s in the bundle?

1 soft force pedal and 1 firm force pedal

The soft one is an introductory challenge to ground reaction force application for stability and motor recruitment. The firm one is an advanced motor recruitment with an increase in stability challenges for the point of application.

Increase your club head speed


Main differences

Wilst the Force Pedal helps you learn how to use ground force reaction, the Force Pedal mini has several purposes:

  • As the progression of the Force Pedal, to keep the feel of the connection to the ground.
  • To train rotational force.
  • To train stability on the lower body while chipping and putting.
  • For juniors.