TB-7 Forged Irons

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Introducing the new generation, soft forged iron TB-7 FORGED IRON

Soft Feel and Semi-Automatic Design

TB series with improved operability

Head: Forged / Soft Steel (S20C)
Finish: Nickel Chrome Satin
Set: #5-P
           #4 - Pw
Shaft: (Steel) N.S. PRO MODUS3 T105 (S/106.5g)
              (Steel) N.S. PRO HT950GH HT (S/98g, R/94.5g)


【Club Spec】

【Head Spec】


Introducing TB-7, a targeted soft iron forged iron.

✔︎ Not too easy, not too difficult.
✔︎ New generation soft iron forged iron, TB series.
✔︎ From athletes to averages to improve

Theater Blade Structure

Adopted in the first TB-5 FORGED in the series, the TB-7 FORGED is also equipped with a theater blade structure that improves the feel of hitting.

Soft Forged Iron Feel

TB7 FORGED has a smaller head size than TB5 FORGED, which places the extra weight in the theater blade. By making it thicker, it realizes a more cored soft iron forging feel. Increased feedback in the hands, with pure, pronounced feeling as to where you hit it on the face.


Soft Iron Integrated forging Specs in the middle

Head size that is neither too small nor too large. Sole width that is neither too narrow nor too wide. Neck shape that is neither too straight nor too offset