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The SWINGCLICK is a device that is strapped to the golfer’s forearm. It improves your golf swing tempo, rhythm, timing and consistency, as well as training your transition. It's small enough to carry in your golf bag.

This device makes a clicking sound as soon as the forearm is in the correct position at the top of the backswing, at impact and finish. By practicing with a SWINGCLICK, you can train your brain to wait for the click at the top of your backswing. The process trains you to be in the same position at the top of your backswing every time, resulting in you hitting the ball consistently to the same place. It also trains you to slow down your swing, thereby allowing the club more time to generate club head speed, resulting in the ball going further and your shot being more accurate.

Instead of hitting the ball with all your strength, you learn to SWING the club. When you make a smooth downward swing, you will hear the second 'click' at impact, thereby allowing you to square the club face up with the right swing tempo. The third 'click' is heard when you are in a finish position, thereby allowing you to consistently finish your swing in a balanced position.

  • The device clicks at the top of your backswing, at impact and finish, giving you a frame of reference of the ideal rhythm of a great golf shot.
  • By using it as a drill to practice setting your club in the same position at the top of your backswing and to smooth out your transition, you will create better consistency.
  • The secret to great rhythm is finishing your backswing and the key to finishing your backswing, is knowing where the top of your swing is, on a consistent basis. The SWINGCLICK will help you with both.
  • It’s simple and easy to use and works for everyone, from Pro’s to beginners. It can be used on a driving range, on a course in a social game and indoors, with or without a club.

Step 1

Set the device perpendicular to the strap. This is the correct setting to practice your full swing using any club.

Step 2 

Strap the SwingClick to the top of your left forearm, if you are a right handed player, so that the device is set parallel to your arm and in line with your index finger.

Step 3

Start your back swing. When you hear the click, you will be in the correct position at the top of your backswing. Make sure that you WAIT for the click before you start your downswing. Start your down swing and make sure that you bring the club down in a smooth motion. Avoid the impulse to snatch or hit at the ball, rather just focus on swinging the club. The club head will generate the correct speed and because you will have improved your timing, the ball will fly farther and more accurately. In other words, you don't have to hit the ball, just SWING the club.

Step 4

You should hear the 2nd click at impact, as you strike the ball. It's an indication that you are swining too fast, if you have heard the click before impact.

Step 5

The device will click for a 3rd time, once you have completed your swing correctly, so insure that you finish your swing. This will allow you to consistently finish in a balanced position.

Chipper and Bunker Shots

SwingClick is also designed to help you in your short game distance control.

By twisting the device clockwise, it can be set in additional positions to use for shorter swings. Click the device once and note the length of your backswing when it clicks. Also not the distance you hit the ball with this setting.

Repeat with additional clockwise clicks to set the device to range from a half swing, to 3/4 swing, to a full swing. By setting the device, swinging the club until the divice clicks and then commencing your down swingm you will be able to practice the same length of backswing consistently.

The device is excellent to use while practicing bunker shots and chipping. All you need to do is set the SwingClick to the correct angle for your particular length of backswing.

Half Swing Setting

3/4 Setting