Sure-Set Swing Trainer

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Sure-Set helps establish a better understanding of the golf swing. The backswing is one of the most important elements of your game.

Invented by one of the world’s leading coaches UK PGA professional Dan Frost. 

The Sure-Set golf training aid is designed to make the backswing move very easy.

✔︎ It trains you how to ‘set’ the club into the correct loaded position with great swing width, on the right plane, with the right angles.

✔︎ It allows you to learn through feel, installs a new improved simple swing sensation, that is easy to repeat and transfers seamlessly to the course.

✔︎ When you master this move you will load and store more power, on plane, hitting effortless, accurate golf shots leading to more enjoyment and lower scores


A Sensational Golf Training Aid

Add more power to your game and boost your driving distance by up to 25 yards by working on your swing for just minutes a day – it’s that easy!

The Sure-Set trains you to simply ‘set’ the club into the correct loaded backswing position with great swing width, on the right plane, with superb alignments.

Sure-Set is a supremely effective golf training aid for anyone wanting to improve their game. Trusted by hundreds of tour professionals around the world, just a few repetitions a day can lead to lasting change

The Backswing

In an effective golf swing, we must blend wrist hinge, forearm rotation and shoulder turn, whilst maintaining a wide swing radius. Sure-Set will help you learn this powerful backswing move.


Adopt your golf address position as if you were hitting a mid-iron. Notice the handle leaning slightly forward.


Create a hammer hinge so that the ball end of the Sure-Set touches the crease formed between the upper left arm and chest.


Rehearse the rotation of the forearms.


Blend your forearm rotation and shoulder turn whilst looking down at an imaginary ball. This will ensure you hold the correct spine angle as you turn.