SuperSpeed Squeeze

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The best players in the world can create significantly more grip strength than amateur golfers. This allows these players to not only create more speed, but also improves their ability to control the golf club, create lag, stabilize the club face, and deal with lies in the rough. More grip strength allows you to use less grip pressure compared to your maximum capacity. This creates less tension and the ability to optimize the use of your hands and arms in the golf swing. The bottom line is that if you want to grip and control the club like a tour player, you need more grip strength.

Now, with the introduction of the SuperSpeed Squeeze, you can easily improve your grip strength leading to more control, consistency, and speed. The SuperSpeed Squeeze is easy to use fitting over the grip on your own golf club. Follow our simple and effective training protocol to see huge gains in grip strength in as little as 4 weeks of regular training.

You can put the Squeeze on any club in the bag or any of the superspeed training clubs. For the protocol, we recommend using a mid-iron or the SuperSpeed red club for a bit of extra weight on the club.


We identified grip strength as a major need for many golfers after discovering that PGA Tour players tend to have significantly more grip strength than amateurs. We searched the science, found a major problem, and have created a simple solution with the SuperSpeed Squeeze.


Dr. Tyler Standifird of Utah Valley University has been instrumental in assisting with the development of the Squeeze protocol and the initial research on the results of the training. His initial study involved only four weeks of training three times per week and showed an increase of 6% in grip strength and 1.5 mph in swing speed.


The Squeeze training protocol is simple and takes less than 15 minutes. It can be done anywhere as long as you have a safe area to swing a club! Follow along with the training protocol video as well as the visual graph for step-by-step instructions on increasing grip strength and adding more distance to your game.

Measuring Grip Strength

Grip strength can easily be measured using a dynamometer. These devices come in both analogue and digital versions and are widely available.