Superspeed Golf Training System – Ladies Set

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The SuperSpeed Golf Training System for Women is one of the single greatest breakthroughs in women’s game improvement ever.  With this system players are learning create efficient speed and power in the golf swing, increase the height, spin, and trajectory of their golf shots, hit the ball farther down the fairway, and lower their scores!  In 4-6 weeks of regular practice we are seeing huge gains in distance not only with the driver, but also with the irons, hybrids, and fairway woods.  Getting the ball up in the air and on the green has never been easier!The SuperSpeed Golf Training System comes complete with everything you need to unleash your speed! You get the 3-piece set of SuperSpeed Training Clubs and video based golf instruction at  The 3-club set includes the green and blue SuperSpeed clubs with the brand new superlight yellow club. You can use this system in conjunction with our online training protocols in the exact same way as the normal set. Just make sure to use the clubs in the order of yellow, green, and blue instead of green, blue, and red. [embed][/embed]