SuperSpeed Golf Training System - Pee Wee Set (5-7 year old)

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Designed specifically for beginning junior golfers ages 5-7, the SuperSpeed PeeWee Set brings great fun to the process of maximizing athletic potential. Coupled with our SuperFun! Training, we are able to introduce speed and power training to kids at one of the most effective times in their development. Whether on their own or in an organized group golf program, kids will have tons of fun learning to jump high, run fast, and swing a golf club with maximum speed!

In the past 10 years the golf world has seen a true revolution in the training of junior golfers. We have begun to adhere to a very important principle: Create great junior athletes who can then go on to develop great golf skills. In order to achieve this goal, we have to find age specific training that is fun for kids as well as adhering to scientific developmental principles about the specific types of skills we train at different ages.

We know that during the ages of about 5-7 the window for developing fast twitch muscle fiber, and fast neuromuscular coordination is open as much as it will ever be for a developing athlete. That means that this is the perfect age to start training speed!

We developed the SuperSpeed Golf PeeWee Set to do just this and created our SuperFun! SuperSpeed Training programs to insure that every young golfer has the chance to maximize their speed potential. The SuperSpeed PeeWee Set includes 3 SuperSpeed Clubs specifically designed for our youngest junior golfers. We have balanced the length of the club, the grip size, and the shaft flexes to optimize the effectiveness of early childhood speed development. Get started with SuperSpeed Golf training today and give your junior golfer a huge head start to maximizing their athletic potential.

What’s in the box:

  • SuperSpeed Golf PeeWee Green “Light” Training Club
  • SuperSpeed Golf PeeWee Blue “Medium” Training Club
  • SuperSpeed Golf PeeWee Red “Heavy” Training Club
  • Introduction and instruction card
Technical Specifications:
Item Length Overall Weight
PeeWee Green “Light” Club 30″ 186 Grams
PeeWee Blue “Medium” Club 30″ 210 Grams
PeeWee Red “Heavy” Club 30″ 245 Grams