Salted Smart Insole

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Improve your balance at address and the moment of impact.

  • Allows for self-awareness and self-correction of posture and swing orbit based on feedback
  • Precise measurements based on technology including sophisticated pressure sensors
  • Connects easily to smartphones via Bluetooth technology
  • Easy to use app that allows for swing analysis in addition to balance data
  • Real-time feedback and data transmission for instant swing/balance information
  • Magnetic charging
  • Easy to maintain waterproofing

Features and Details:
SALTED Smart Insole: this wearable device is easy to trim for fit and slides into any pair of sneakers or golf shoes. The Insole pairs easily with the SALTED Golf app, providing golfers and coaches with data on the wearer’s balance and swing.

Each unit comes in a US size from 6 to 12 and can be trimmed to slip into any footwear. The unit is waterproof with magnetic charging and a battery life of up to 72 hours.

The App allows for users to review golf shots, provides swing analysis including swing comparison, and includes video analysis. Edit footage with drawing and audio recording tools to take notes and review coach feedback.

Perfect for virtual coaching and self improvement.
Teaching aids such as a drawing tool and audio recording are available to help keep track of each student’s progress.

Incredibly accurate pressure-based training aid.
Foot pressure and center of pressure (C.O.P.) measurements are available in real time for checking swing balance and posture.

Smart swing balance checking with SALTED Insole!
Check your balance while receiving feedback in real time with graphics and audio. The Smart Insole can check your Center of Gravity (COP) and weight shift accurately and show you the swing posture that will ensure the perfect address using a system that analyzes address, balance, movement, and aim.

Practice smart! Swing data training!
It allows you to practice your swing repeatedly anytime, anywhere. And, it analyzes your postures and provides you with points for improvement by giving you information on your swing and patterns of weight shift. You can enjoy excellent address correction effects just by practicing alone.

Superior Technology
With SALTED’s patented pressure sensor technology, a user’s foot pressure, gait pattern, bodyweight imbalance, and muscle movement can be accurately measured.

Lightweight & Customizable
Each insole is crafted from ultra-thin, lightweight EVA making them both comfortable and customizable. Choose a size that works for you and trim down, as needed, for the perfect fit.

Waterproof and Sweatproof
Our smart devices are waterproof and dust-resistant (IP68-certified*), which can be used even on rainy or snowy days. It is hand washable and easy to manage.