RM-4 Forged Wedge

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The RM has had a long track record and standout presence on the US PGA Tour. A new STEP BLADE design with variable thickness structure and precision machining help improve the spin accuracy, control and design of the wedge. Meeting the needs and imagination of players who want a wedge that excels in various conditions around the green, the new RM features the technology and design needed to produce the best results as a high performance wedge.

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Nickel Chrome Satin Plating
Light Black Plating
Limited Edition RAW

Stock Shaft Options

Dynamic Gold S200 (128g)

Gold Standard by which all other iron shafts are measured. It is the most successful shaft in the history of golf and still continues to dominate on professional tours each and every year. Dynamic Gold is a tour-weighted shaft that is designed for players seeking a low, penetrating ball flight for optimum control and accuracy.

Nippon N.S.PRO TS-101w Steel (Flex: WEDGE/ Weight: 111g)
Developed in collaboration with Nippon Shaft Co., Ltd., the TS- 101w is a steel shaft exclusively designed for wedges and usability. A long awaited middle weight version of 110g has now been added which is not too light, yet not too heavy and opens up more options for a variety of golfers.

Nippon TS-114w Steel (Flex: WEDGE/ Weight: 125g)
A wedge-specific shaft is developed jointly with Nippon Shaft Co. Ltd. with the goal of creating the optimal launch conditions for high center of gravity wedges. This shaft is optimized for both full swings and for shorter swings, with varying shaft profiles for the "full swing wedges" and the"touch wedges".

Featuring a new STEP BLADE design with a unique horizontal step between the left and right sides of the back face. By varying the thickness and shifting the center of gravity depending on each loft and purpose of the club, it becomes easier to execute the desired shot. The results are improved spin control, workability and better feel at impact.



An intricate and time consuming precision CNC milling process is applied to the surface of the thinnest part of the back face. The result is a reverse tapered blade that helps the head stay on target at impact. Performance is raised to a new level thanks to a more stable wedge shot. 

With a focus on athlete type players such as US PGA Tour pros and college golfers, High lofts (56", 58", 60") can select from two sole types that were developed through extensive testing.

S (Standard) Sole
An all-around easy to use standard sole shape. Stability is improved thanks to more volume in the sole. The head glides smoothly through grass and picks up the ball easily making it easy to use from various lies such as bunkers and rough.

H (Hill) Sole

A sole that is more rounded towards the toe and heel with both toe and heel relief allow the wedge to be open or closed while still maintaining a constant bounce angle. More consistent results allow for more technical shots.

Fourteen's unique groove structure boasts a high precision design for stability. Stable approach shots are achieved not only in dry favorable conditions but also on wet or rainy days or from deep rough. The mirror milled face, which takes twice as long to produce compared to standard milling, and individual grooves which are carved one by one, deliver unmatched high spin performance and accuracy.

 Specifications by RM-4 Wedge Model

Model 46º 48º 50º 52º 54º 56º 58º 60º
Lie 63º 63º 63.5º 63.5º 63.5º 64º 64º 64º
Bounce 11º
Bounce S Sole 11º 14º 14º
Bounce H Sole 10º 12º 11º
Left Hand Sole Available * * * S* S*