Right Angle 2

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A durable black ABS brace with neoprene padding and 3 straps, the Right Angle 2 is designed to keep the players swing arc wide and powerful.

Why it was designed:

Many inconsistencies are introduced when extra levers are introduced into the swing. Much like swaying or breaking the wrists, if a player collapses the arc of the swing at the top of the backswing it makes it more difficult coordinate the timing of getting the club back to square at impact. In addition, more power may be generated with a wider swing arc.

How it works:

The brace is designed to be work on the player's trailing arm. For right-handed players this would be the right arm. Although the device may be worn on the inside of the left arm for left-handed players it is really designed as a right-handed product. The amount that the arm may bend can be controlled by adjusting a cam in the middle of the brace. This is particularly useful if you are trying to learn shots from 100 yards and in where the tendency is to make a big backswing and decelerate.

By limiting the arm bend, proper decent and acceleration through the shot is encouraged. A final feature of the product is the clicker. The product will making a clicking noise as you take the club to the top of the backswing. On the downswing the clicker should remain quiet all the way until the hands get back down to about hip height, then all the release clicks should sound at once. If any clicks are heard early on in the downswing it means you are 'casting' the club and losing power.

This product may be used by men and women alike but is generally not used on children under 12.

The Right Angle 2 has a fairly mechanical feel which provides clear-cut feedback on the position of the arm during the swing. This version is a successor to the original Leadbetter Right Link introduced in the 90's by Golf Training Systems and is a little more durable. The color was changed from off-white to black around 2006.

All in all the Right Angle is one of the best products for assuring you a wide swing radius that will provide more power and more consistency to your shots.