PuttOut Compact Putting Mirror - NEW

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Whether you’re looking for a quick check-up before your round, or a dedicated day of practice, the Compact Putting Mirror is here to help you get the best from your stroke.

Covering the absolute essentials of eye alignment and putter face position, the Mirror is built with shatterproof and scratchproof upper, and encased in a mid-tack rubber surround, complete with 1.5mm spikes covering the bottom of the product to hold it in place on any putting surface.

The Putting Mirror Features:

  • Polycarbonate Putting Mirror
  • Non-Scratch Alignment Graphics
  • Improve Alignment & Positioning
  • Spiked Rubber Base / Protective Bag
Practise your putting skills either at home or on the actual putting green, with this compact putting mirror from PuttOUT. This training aid is beneficial for first-time and professional golfers alike, allowing you to not only practice eye, shoulder, and ball alignment but also to actively works on your stroke’s path. The mirror has been constructed with a polycarbonate mirror which features non-scratch surface alignment graphics and a golf ball locator. This can be sat on a spiked rubber base to hold the mirror in place while you putt it. This mirror is designed to fit into your golf bag for use wherever you need it and comes with a protective bag for storage and transportation.

Alignment Markings
Allowing you to check your putter’s face and top-line position at address, your eye line, and ball line, our Compact Mirror is complete for both minor alterations or bigger overhauls.

Throw In The Bag
Weighing just 97g and measuring 8.5” in length, the Compact Mirror slides quickly in and out of a player’s bag. The product is scratch-resistant, shatterproof, and designed to remain durable in all conditions.

Spiked Base
158 tiny rubber spikes cover the rubber base of the Mirror, allowing for indoor and outdoor practice without the need for tees or any other props to ensure it’s kept in place.