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The unique weighted PowerSLIDER acts as a fitness tool, strengthening specifically the golfing muscles and engaging the core and bigger muscles. It also creates motor-skill change (often referred to as muscle memory) so that a golfer quickly develops a powerful and repeatable motion on THEIR IDEAL golf swing plane.

It’s always been difficult for a coach to describe LAG, but with the PlaneSWING you FEEL it! Because the PowerSLIDER slides and does NOT roll it builds a light resistance through the swing, gently and effectively working specifically on the muscles used in the golf swing. In the transition on the downswing golfers feel and experience lag as you uncoil. No casting with the PowerSLIDER. Instead it aids body/arms sequencing and this helps deliver the dynamic position at impact that golfers crave and allows for a powerful release ON PLANE and through to the target.

Helps combat “coming over the top” and “getting trapped on the inside” by ingraining the correct movement from the takeaway.

Short PowerSLIDER 

• Helps ingrain a powerful & repeatable motion creating lag
• Simulates 6 iron to sand wedge
• Length – 100cm. Weight – 1.1kg.

Long Standard PowerSLIDER

• Ingrains a powerful & repeatable motion creating lag
• Simulates Driver to 5 Iron.
• Length – 112cm. Weight – 1.3kg. 

Long Light PowerSLIDER

• Designed for Juniors, Ladies and Seniors
• Helps ingrain a powerful & repeatable motion creating lag
• Simulates driver to 5 iron
• Length – 112cm, Weight – 1kg

Get a powerful, consistent swing

The revolutionary PowerSLIDER is a weighted club specifically designed to help rapidly develop strength and power in your swing within the protection of the swing plane. When used, the PowerSLIDER imparts a film of rubber around the hoop, creating light resistance, resulting in a dynamic position at impact that will build a powerful and consistent swing.