PGA Tour 4-Sight Putting Mirror

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This is a PGA Tour high quality accessory

The PGA Tour 4-Sight Pro Putting Alignment Mirror provides visual feedback by showing where your eyes, putter face and shoulders are about the shot. It will make you a more consistent putter as you use this training aid so that you have a more consistent setup.


  • Includes 4 golf tee placement holes
  • Centre alignment line, align with your eyes
  • Shoulder alignment and golf ball gate
  • Groove a more consistent stroke
  • Includes PGA tour academy training DVD

PGA Tour Putting Alignment Mirror

The 4-Sight putting mirror is an essential part of any golfer's practice kit. The mirror is used by Touring Professionals around the world as a a part of their everyday routine!

Get the visual feedback to see where your eyes are and putter alignment which are vital for solid putting mechanics.

Easy to use:

1- Please the mirror on the ground indoors or outdoors

2- Place your golf ball in the ball gate

3- Align your eyes with the centre line & shoulders with the red line

4- Time to putt!

Official PGA Tour Merchandise