PGA Tour Deluxe Golf Brush - Grey

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This is a PGA Tour high quality accessory.

The deluxe PGA TOUR club brush is packed with features making it the only cleaning device you need out on the course. Featuring an ergonomic non-slip handle, wire bristles for cleaning irons, nylon bristles for gentle cleaning of woods, a groove cleaning spike for embedded dirt in shoes or clubs, carabiner clip to attach to your golf club and a retractable line so you can clean with ease as often as you like and know the brush is still safely attached to your bag.

✔︎Nylon bristles for cleaning driver & woods/hybrids

✔︎Wire bristles for cleaning irons

✔︎Groove cleaning spike removes the stubborn debris

✔︎Retractable 2ft/60cm snap back cord

✔︎Carabiner clip

Official PGA Tour Merchandise