PC-3 Irons

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An unprecedented super forgiving model in Fourteen history

Recommended H/S : 30~40m/s (67–89 mph)

Introducing Fourteen PC3 Iron. The newest line up from Fourteen Golf. In the past, golf clubs used to be heavy and difficult to swing, making them difficult to use unless you are a powerful player. The PC-3 changes that.

It is a full-scale club that is effortless for anyone to swing and hit without any special power. This is the meaning of "feather", the symbol of the Fourteen logo.

■Head : Pocket Cavity / Precision Casting
■Finish : Nickel Chrome / Mirror
■Head Material : C450(#5~9), SUS630 (P) *Tungsten weight unit in sole (#5~8)
■Set make up : #5-P
■Shaft : FT-40i Graphite - Mono flex
                FT-50i Graphite - Mono flex

Play the most forgiving Fourteen experience while launching it higher and farther. Designed to help moderate swing speed players score lower while still achieving the Fourteen Feel.

Experience the "gentleness" that FOURTEEN recommends with confidence to golfers who think that "Fourteen is difficult". "It is a manufacturer used by advanced players", and "driver's H / S less than 40m / sec". It's an iron that can be done!



A high-strength material with a wide sweet spotand optimized weight, head shape, center of gravity,face progression maximizes the forgiveness and stability .

Crescent ridge sole

The sole is also one of the important factors to realize the gentleness of the iron. For PC-3, Fourteen has developed a "crescent ridge sole" that corrects duffing at impact by creating a surface that receives the ground on the leading edge side and reduces variation in distance. The sole making know-how that Fourteen has cultivated with wedges is incorporated.

Loft pitch for H / S less than 40 m / s

Since the boundary line of the loft where the average golfer can raise the ball is 30 °, set it to # 7/30 ° to pursue ease of use in actual battles. Also, by widening the loft pitch, you can firmly create stairs at a distance.


Original shaft FT50i and FT40i were developed to ease and stabilize the swing. By reducing the rigidity difference between the butt end and the tip, the entire shaft bends, making it easier to swing and time the release of the head at impact.