Orange Whip Power Strap Kit

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✔︎Power Foot Straps (2) 
✔︎10” Black Resistance Bands (2)

✔︎14” Orange Resistance Bands (2)
✔︎Handles (2),
✔︎Fitness Belt
✔︎Drawstring Backpack

The foot strap and band connection system encourages your body to resist bad habits and trains a more efficient, repeatable version of your swing. Develop your five foundation swing skills twice as fast.

  • Increase power and consistency while improving flexibility, strength, and coordination
  • Foot Straps and resistance bands provide resistance and assistance training to help your body move correctly
  • Perfect for hitting balls on the range or working out in the gym
  • Fits easily in your golf bag or gym bag
  • Pair with our streamable golf workouts, speed training, and hitting drills

The Power Foot Straps and Resistance Bands allow you to develop and strengthen your 5 Foundational Swing Skills with functional golf movements that are the foundation of your golf swing.  Access the daily SWOD, E9, STRETCH, ON THE RANGE, and SPEED TRAINING programs prescribed by our Coaches and improve your body and ball flight immediately. You will notice the difference after just one session.

*Choose band strength based on your golf club shaft flex