Orange Whip Power Foot Straps – 2 units

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Hook up your golf resistance bands to the Orange Whip Foot Straps and fix your flaws twice as fast. Hit balls on the range and develop the feels and movements to play better golf. Provides resistance and assistance training.

  • Connect our GFX Bands to the Foot Straps and feel your swing get better
  • Hit balls on the range or get in a GFX workout using our proprietary GFX Program
  • Gain more power, speed, and distance in just one session
  • Maximizes core fitness and flexibility
  • Increases swing speed by up to 20% instantly
  • Designed for men, women and teens

*Comes in a set of two foot straps

The Power Foot Straps allow you to connect directly to resistance bands and take your swing improvements to the golf course or gym.  When hooked together they encourage your body to resist bad habits and then trains a more efficient, repeatable golf swing.  It’s like having a golf instructor and personal trainer guiding you properly through your swing every time.