Tee Claw - Pack of 4

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• No more lifting of heavy or water-soaked mats to insert the worn, broken, or wrong-sized rubber tube.
Allow golfers to use any size golf tee (wood, plastic or even broken) instead of the dreaded rubber tubes.
Allows both right-handed and left-handed golfers to tee up anywhere on the mat.
Can be used on mats, grass and even carpet. 

A pack of Tee Claws includes:    
✔︎ 4 Tee Claws
✔︎ 5 Elastic Lanyards



    The Tee Claw concept was born from a desire to practice and play better golf from artificial mats and grass surfaces. This is where the Tee Claw’s design and versatility are unmatched! Now golfers can use any size golf tee (wood, plastic, or broken) from anywhere on an artificial mat, replacing the old, dreaded, fixed-position rubber tube. The elastic lanyard brings additional value and versatility as it provides golfers with a visual aid for alignment, ball position, swing path and much more.