Momentus Speed Whoosh - Junior

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Need to increase your Club Head Speed?

The Speed Whoosh osh is an innovative training aid designed to dramatically increase club head speed from 7 to 10 mph faster resulting in longer tee shots adding 20 to 30 yards in carry distance. Used regularly by long drive champions, top professional golfers, and more than 100,000 golfers around the world to maximize their distance off the tee. The Speed Whoosh swings at more than 20 mph faster than a golfer’s driver, which activates the fast-twitch muscle fibers to engage in the golf swing, adding greater club head speed and 20 to 30 yards off the tee.

Set the Magnetic Sliding Timing Ball at the grip end of the shaft to develop the proper timing and release during the swing.  As you make practice swings with the Speed Whoosh, the magnetic timing ball will give you immediate feedback as to whether you’re casting the club, (releasing the club head to early), or releasing the club head at the ideal time.  If you cast the club, the Magnetic Sliding Timing Ball will release from the grip too early and hit at the end of the shaft before impact.

If you delay the release of the club head properly by holding the wrist angle as long as possible, the Magnetic Sliding Timing Ball will release from the grip and hit the end of the shaft at exactly the impact point in your swing. It will feel like you connected with a 300-yard drive that went right down the middle. 

Speed Whoosh Instructional Video from James Sorenson on Vimeo.