Lag Shot Wedge

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Achieve solid contact and superior touch around the greens!

The Lag Shot wedge helps you groove a silky smooth pitching motion that improves your contact and distance control. 

Strike Your Pitch Shots Solid with Perfect Rhythm. With the Lag Shot wedge, you’ll virtually eliminate fat and thin shots. You will also improve your feel and touch around the greens by ingraining great tempo on every short game shot.


✔︎ Super flexible shaft ingrains a “silky smooth” pitching motion with perfect timing|
✔︎ Slightly heavier head promotes passive hands and wrists, leading to more solid, consistent contact
✔︎ Great for practice in the backyard, short game area, or even out on the golf course
✔︎ You can hit real golf balls with the Lag Shot training wedge!
✔︎ High quality grip and wear-resistant clubhead design that’s built to last you several seasons


Natural, Effortless Lag

A Silky Smooth Transition

20+ Yards Added Distance

Solid, Ball First Contact

Precision Accuracy


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*Includes a Bonus Video Course showing you how to maximize your distance and accuracy with Lag Shot, taught by 3-Time PGA Teacher of the Year and Founder of Scratch Golf Academy, Adam Bazalgette!

Lag Shot Training Area

Get Access to the Lag Shot Video Training Series with the 3-Time PGA Teacher of the Year, and Founder of Scratch Golf Academy- Adam Bazalgette!

This video series is filled with Lag Shot specific golf swing aid drills, pre-round warm-up strategies, techniques, and simple swing keys to increase your distance, dial in your accuracy, play better golf, and shoot lower scores!

Adam is a big proponent of the Lag Shot training club. He uses this golf trainer aid daily with his students and has been gracious enough to film this Lag Shot training course for you.