Lag Shot Driver

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Hit More Fairways and Add 20+ Yards to Your Drives

Adds distance and accuracy to ALL your drives. Groove a driver swing that's on plane with perfect tempo and timing. You can even hit balls with it!

With the Lag Shot driver, you’ll add 20-30 yards of easy distance to your average drive. You’ll also groove a consistent, repeatable driver swing with a smooth transition, more lag, increased clubhead speed, and perfect tempo and timing.

✔︎SUPER FLEXIBLE SHAFT PROMOTES A FLUID SWING with perfect tempo, timing and more clubhead speed
✔︎PROMOTES A MORE SHALLOW DRIVER SWING PLANE that will eliminate your slice or hook
✔︎YOU CAN MAKE SWINGS AT HOME or hit real golf balls with the Lag Shot driver
✔︎RECOMMENDED BY NUMEROUS GOLF DIGEST Top 50 and Golf Magazine Top 100 Instructors
✔︎GETS RESULTS IN JUST 10-15 SWINGS a day, guaranteed!

* Right-Handed