HackMotion 3D Wrist Sensor - Core

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For players who want to improve clubface control and full swing consistency by optimising wrist angles.


What's in a box:

  • Wrist sensor
  • Straps
  • USB-C charging cable 
  • Glove attachment
  • User manual
  • Warranty card

HackMotion Core Features

All HackMotion products use the same cutting-edge hardware.You can upgrade the software at any time to access to more advanced features.

Full Swing Mode

Flexion/Extension values

Learn to control the clubface during Address, Top, Impact

Recommeneded Ranges

Master the motion pattern the Tour Pros use for clubface control

Customizable Ranges

Personalize the sensor feedback to fit your swing style

Full Swing Mode

Real-time Audio Feedback

Learn the correct motion faster by using audio feedback guidance

Drill mode

Get drills that are customized to your swing data

Full Swing Mode
Graph view

Get detailed insights about your wrist motion at every moment of your swing

Full Swing Mode
Session summaries

Track your progress. It is like having a golf coach 24/7.