GelongD UX-002

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The Fourteen GelongD UX-002 offers ultimate shot accuracy for longer approach shots.

■HEAD : C450 cast body / Tungsten alloy sole
■FACE: Variable thickness Face
■FINISH :Matt Black
■LOFT: #5h (20”), #6h (23”), #7h (26”), #8h (30”)

A hybrid that makes long Par 3 and long Par 4 easier
A head shape that makes it easy to take right direction and a center of gravity design that achieves a high launch angle, so players can aim for the pin with maximum accuracy.

Optimal MOI (Moment of Inertia)
Optimal moment of inertia realizes forgiveness, sharp swing, and straightness with high trajectory

Sole for every lie
A hybrid that utilizes FOURTEEN's unique wedge design know-how. The width of the  leading edge side is narrow and the bounce sole with a strong angle is adopted, so  players can hit down blows with confidence.

Adjustable weight
The head weight and swing weight can be adjusted by replacing the weight screw.

FT-63u, a shaft that feels like an iron
Increased bending rigidity and torsional rigidity at the tip of the shaft stabilizes
 the posture of the head during downswing and impact.  Increased crushing rigidity at the butt of the shaft stabilizes the head and shaft movement when it hits hard.  Bending back from the middle part of the shaft accelerates the head comfortably