GelongD FX-001

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High Repulsion and High Launch Angle

Introducing the "FX-001", a fluttering fairway wood 

There are two different lofts with the same length in this line-up so that you can select the optimum launch angle and aim for the maximum flight distance from the ground. Achieves the maximum flight distance after the second shot.

Material: 6-4 Titanium (Body and Face), Tungsten Alloy (Sole)

Shaft: FT-50f Carbon shaft (One Flex / 56g) 
            FT-40f Carbon shaft (One Flex / 47g)

Titanium FW # 15 and # 17.5, which pursued flight
Use titanium alloy for the body material and tungsten alloy with high specific density for the sole, and emphasize the flight distance with low center of gravity, deep center of gravity and strong repulsion. The semi-shallow face optimizes carry with high launch and low spin.

High launch with low center of gravity + semi-shallow face Low spin
Low center of gravity head tends to have less spin and will not carry unless there is a sufficient launch angle.
Therefore, by using a semi-shallow face, we realized a big carry with high launch and low spin.

Choose a loft and have a maximum carry
FX001 with a length of 43.5 inches and a line-up of two types of lofts, 15 ° and 17.5 °. You can get the maximum carry from the ground by choosing the loft that suits your launch angle.


With the theme of maximum flight distance from the bottom, we reviewed the design values ​​from the outer shape of how to bend and twist so that the ball can be caught easily, and realized the movement of the shaft so that you can feel the feeling of speed and catch. In addition, for Fw, TIP φ9.0 diameter is adopted to assist the performance of the maximum flight distance from the bottom so that the optimum TIP rigidity and appropriate twist can be realized, which is specialized for performance improvement. TIP trimming is used for # 5f and # 6f to create a stable finish in the direction.

FT40f: Weight / 47g, Torque / 4.1, Kick point 
FT50f: Weight / 56g, Torque / 3.5, Kick point 


The appearance is reduced to less than 1/3 of the conventional paint weight to make it a more muscular carbon shaft, and by blending micro metallic with matte black, it creates a robust and fearless image.