GelongD DX-001 Driver

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The Longest Driver on the Market!

The new 2022 Fourteen Gelong-D driver comes with a “mechanical advantage” and “maximised speed according to the player”. In order to achieve both of these attributes, it is essential to reduce the weight of the head, and the new Gelong-D is overwhelmingly lighter than conventional drivers. 

The Gelong-D also features a mono-flex carbon shaft accommodating all golfers to maximise club speed and to be able to square the head at impact. This made it possible to create a driver that is much easier to swing with incredible distance increases.

Head: LT (7 deg.) , HT (10.5 deg.)

Shaft: FT-50d Carbon shaft (One Flex / 52g) FT-40d Carbon shaft (One Flex / 44g)

Club Specs

Head Specs

Face - TP2 Titanium (Variable Thickness Face)

Head - 8-1-1 Lightweight Titanium Body

*Distance from the upper part of the face surface to the position of the center of gravity on the face surface

Advantages of lengthening the club 1 inch are the head speed can be increased up to 1.5 m/s (= 3.5 mph) , and the distance can be increased by about 9 yards. However, the disadvantage of lengthening is that the moment of inertia becomes too large with a conventional head weight, making it heavy and difficult to swing.

The DX-001 has a variable function with the weight of the head an astonishing 180g. Even if it is long, the ease of swinging is the same as a conventional driver, making it possible to increase the head speed with the same feeling as before.

What is the energy transfer efficiency of the lightweight head?

Generally, the heavier head weight, the better the energy transfer efficiency, but if it becomes too heavy, the player will not be able to swing and the swing speed will decrease. Mechanically, if the mass of the head is 170 g or more, the energy transfer efficiency will not be significantly reduced for the mass of a ball of about 46g.



FT-40d and FT-50d shafts provide outstanding feel and speed. In order to minimize swing delay and the inability to square the club even with a maximum club length, The shaft design profile was updated and focused on how the shaft bends and twists through the swing. The way the shaft bends gives the feeling of speed and influences how the head squares to the ball at impact. The tip diameter of the shaft is reduced from 9.0mm to 8.5mm which increases the club head speed and feeling. This favors speed performance and also helps the head square to the ball at impact.

The material is high modulus carbon which is more rigid to prevent the torque from becoming too large. The result is a club that has more consistent impact and maximum energy transfer equalling maximum performance.