Garsen Max Putter Grip

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“Innovation, with a Twist”

The Garsen MAX grip features the most substantial innovation in putter grip technology in the history of golf. By using a square grip with a 45% rotation, the “front” of the grip now becomes an angled area perfectly fitting the players’ grip and creating a much more biomechanically efficient position for the putting stroke.

This simple, yet highly effective, grip innovation is the fastest way to immediately improve your putting!

(Designed to work for both Right-Handed & Left-Handed Players)

Unlike a traditional putter grip, the MAX places your hands in a position so the palms face each other and the wrists are in a neutral position. It turns your elbows into your body and sets your shoulders back. This relieves arm and shoulder tension, inhibits wrist action, which takes “the hands out of the putting” and promotes shoulder rotation, creating a solid putting stroke, which will give you a one-piece feel, leading to a more consistent stroke.

Need it Longer? See the MAX 15"


Grip diameter 1.5 Inches
Weight 55 Grams
Core Size .600
Firmness Medium
Shock Absorption High
Material High-Tech PU Material
Feel Semi-tacky
Profile Semi-Tapered