Flight Deck TOUR SOFT

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Flight Deck TOUR Soft features new high tech Sorbothane impact pads. Sorbothane  provides a softer impact feel, less vibration and is preferred by many Tour Players. The softer impact still provides enough putter face angle feedback to the player. Sorbothane pads are gentler on your putter making it ideal for both short and mid-range distance training.

The Flight Deck Tour Soft is an impact trainer for putting. The concept is to “land” your putter squarely onto the ball and impact pads which are just 10mm in front of the ball. Our new "Soft" impact pads are set square to the intended line of putt.

Impact feedback is delivered on whether square contact was made or not. Perfectly square impact will feel solid with less recoil and vibration. If not square, there is more  vibration and instability.

Holding the perfect finish position for a few seconds square against the impact pads helps to ingrain perfect impact position. Simple and effective training, just minutes a day will keep you sharp!