Flight Deck TOUR KIT

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The Flight Deck Putting Kit is a compact, multi functional putting training system. 

The Kit includes the dual sided DUO and the Flight Deck TOUR Impact trainer.  The DUO has a mirror side for proper eye alignment and a reverse side with graphics for start line and tee gate drills.  Three putting tools in one easy travel size pouch!

The TOUR is designed with impact pads that are aligned square to your putting start line. This is a simple yet effective way of seeing, feeling, and practicing how to square the putter’s face. The TOUR deck has gridlines so you can 1) align the putter’s face angle square and 2) center the putter for perfect solid ball impact. Consistent practice using the gridlines and impact pads will enhance and ingrain feedback of a square putter face angle.

The DUO is a two-sided putting trainer. One side is a high-quality, polished, stainless-steel mirror to improve your head and eye alignment. The flip side with polycarbonate graphics adds putter and ball gate training for solid contact and accurate starting lines. The DUO can be placed on top of the TOUR for added impact training or used separately.

Fun and practical training for golfers of any skill level. Developed by PGA Coach, Fran Rhoads with over 35 years of coaching experience. Used by tour players and golf coaches worldwide.

Easy setup, multiple training functions, compact, lightweight, golf ball not included, fits easily in your golf bag, and makes a great golf gift.