Eyeline Groove Plus Putting Mirror

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Features of the Groove Plus Putting Mirror:

  • Instant Feedback - Crystal clear mirror to see your setup and motion.
  • Fundamentally Sound - Cover the most important putting fundamentals with one device - alignment, stroke, distance.  Improve these and your score drops… today!
  • Pressure Proof Stroke - Get in quality repetitions almost anywhere.
  • Increasing Challenge - The practice drills are adjustable to fit your skill level. Make them more difficult as you improve.
  • Accuracy Training - Tee holes to create six sets of gates - putter, ball, path, impact, and release gates. Simple checkpoints that yield amazing results.
  • Works for All Golfers - Young, old… big, small…  beginners, scratch… leisurely, hurried… love to practice, hate to practice… love to improve, hate to play bad - this will work for you!

Bonus - Includes 6 Indoor Putting Posts and a Carry Bag!

Groove Plus Putting MIrror

Groove Plus Putting Mirror

Groove Plus Putting Mirror

✔︎ Mirrored surface for instant feedback. See your eye position, head movement, putter face alignment, and stroke path.

✔︎ Create gates for precision training. Sweet spot training with the putter gate. Path gates. Stroke length. Start putts on the target line with the Ball Gate. Square impact with the Impact Gate. Comes with a soft carry bag.

✔︎ Practice Anywhere - Large 9.25 inch x 17.5 inch. The Classic Putting mirror is perfect to use on your putting mat at home or on the course putting green to groove your putting stroke. Comes with exclusive indoor putting posts to create gates indoors when you can’t insert tees.

✔︎ Adjustable toe and heel gates fit almost all putter sizes. Sweet spot impact, path, and precision start gates.

✔︎ Release Gate shows the direction of putter face through impact.


The Groove Plus Mirror is the result of observing and listening to Tour players for almost 20 years.  “What are your core fundamentals?”  “How do you train every day?"

We have taken our Tour Proven EyeLine mirrors, and added features for even more feedback and training drills. This is our greatest putting mirror ever. “Motion Detector”, “Impact Gate”, and “Ball Gate” will now be standard elements of putting.  And...the Groove Plus is made in the USA.

The Groove has a new, distinctive look so you will know, without a doubt, that you are using the exact same mirror you've seen on the PGA Tour.