Eyeline Golf Spot On Laser Aim System

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Let technology fine tune your aim!

The Spot On Laser System gives you laser precision in your alignment of your putting aids and your putter.

Fire a brilliant green laser dot at the Spot On Target and know exactly where you are aimed; adjust and GO. The dot is bright even on the sunniest days.

Add some laser sharp aim to your practice session. Perfect alignment is critical when you are using your EyeLine mirror, Slot Trainer, Sweet Roll or a number of other tools. The Spot On System, makes it quick and easy!

(Designed to work for both Right-Handed & Left-Handed Players)

The unique laser clip features a 90 degree lip that slides onto the back of any mirror, the Sweet Roll, or the Slot Trainer.

Precision alignment with no doubt? Yes, it is the prescription for confident practice.