Eyeline Golf Impact Cube

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Add distance and eliminate your slice with the Impact Cube! Making swings against the Impact Cube will eliminate the “casting” move that robs distance and accuracy.

The Impact Cube is made of ultra-durable Ballistic Nylon. It has a variety of angles to provide a fantastic visual and feel of the different leans and positions your practice. Fill it with towels and it is a solid 10 pounds- ideal weight and softness!


  • The Wedge Lean side is slanted so a forward leaning Wedge matches the angle.
  • There is a 7 iron lean and a vertical Driver lean side, too.
  • There is also a round side.
  • Then the magic happens!  Flip the Impact Cube on its top and you have a side (the Wedge Lean) that is slanted toward you.  Set the ball “under” the slant and it is the ideal tool for teaching an inside attack angle and preventing the “over the top” move.

The Impact Cube was developed with Ed Bowe, Director of Instruction at Amelia Island.  “I use it in every lesson.  It helps people see the impact angles and learn the correct impact feel … fast.”