Eyeline Golf CheckPoint Swing Laser

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The system has two lasers attaching to your club - any club.  The “down” laser shows you the path of your swing … exactly.  The “up” laser will show you the exact plane of your swing in your backswing and downswing.

It removes the mystery of returning the clubface squarely to the impact position.

Your eyes and body will positively feel the correct positions of your swing to create the maximum club speed and distance.

*Works for right and left handed golfers.
*Not intended for full-speed swings.

The Check Point easily attaches to your club by slipping it into the club shaft near the head and sliding it up until snug. Each laser uses an included AAA battery (cheap and easy to replace).

Slip the bracket onto the club shaft near the head and slide up towards the grip until snug. Make sure the longer arm has the laser pointing up and the shorter arm has the laser pointing down. Then rotate the entire bracket around until the "down" laser is showing a clear dot directly in front of the club face.

1. Work on taking the club back to waist high, keeping the first laser on the stripe.
If the laser is pointing outside of the stripe, the hands are working too much away from the body.  If the laser is inside of the stripe the club head is swinging too much around the body.

2. Work on getting the second laser to enter the target side of the stripe as the hands swing from waist high to the top of the swing. If the laser points outside of the stripe the club is too flat.  If the laser is inside of the stripe the club is too steep.

3. Make 10 very slow motion swings with the lasers tracking the stripe back and through. Using another club without the lasers on it, hit five shots trying to replicate the same feel. Repeat this process.