DJ-6 Chrome Satin Wedge

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The DJ-6 Wedge provides forgiveness without compromise and features the following technology:

Neo-Canyon Sole:

DJ-6 is equipped with a Neo-Canyon sole that minimizes duffing mistakes.  By optimally designing the combination of height differences between the Bumper Sole  and Canyon Bounce, these two sole surfaces work synergistically.  While the bumper  sole makes proper contact with the ground, the Canyon bounce firmly catches the  ground and pushes the ball forward without duffing

Super Soft Material and Advanced Forged Face:

The head material in the DJ-6 Wedge is soft steel S20C which is one of the softest
materials in irons/wedges.  A new high-spin mirror forged face that suppresses  deterioration in spin performance and delivers stable spin performance even on rough and/or rainy days.

Optimal Weight Distribution:

Fourteen optimizes the weight distribution of the head by combining a "reverse taper  blade" and "theater blade structure". Weight is placed on the blade top toe side and  at the rear of the sole to further improve stability at impact.