Capto EZ Putting System

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New for 2024 – Now with Bluetooth Connectivity option offering easier connection to your smartphone or tablet

Effortlessly improve putting, designed specifically with the player in mind! The Capto EZ utilises all the accuracy and data quality of the Gen 2 model, so you can trust the results. With 14 measurable statistics, the Capto EZ hones in on the key features of your putts and gives you the data to improve your stroke, fast.

Capto EZ can give instant data on 8 parameters, including Face, Shaft, Lie, Track, Arc, Tempo, Energy Loss and Impact Acceleration.

Train using either the screen on the device or connect on the app with your smartphone, anytime, anywhere.

Note: The Capto Ez App requires an annual subscription fee. Payable directly in the App Store or Play Store.


Live Aim Compass

The Capto app will understand where the player is aiming automatically, and can tell where the player is aiming in relation to the target.

Easy Set Up
Calibration is simple and the same as CAPTO 1, rotating the unit on shaft. Set up and calibrate in less than 60 seconds. Simply attach to the upper shaft level of the putter face and you’re ready to go!
Live Biofeedback
Sound chimes for good or bad aim, allowing user to easily adjust and learn correct position.
Durable Case
Included with the Capto EZ is the same waterproof, durable case, as the Capto Gen 2, but in a smaller more compact size.
The App

Within the app you are presented 4 main areas for your putting improvement. “Value” Gives you the impact statistics of each shot using 8 measurable parameters. “Score” gives your putts a score based on the average performance and variance. The more consistent you are, the higher your score will be. “Target” will give you a number of smart express aiming targets to help guide your training and develop your aim. Lastly “Session History” will display your shots from the days training to show you if your practice and drills are improving your putting.

The Capto EZ app is available on Android and Apple smartphones and requires an annual fee purchase in the corresponding app store

The app breaks down the data to give you a score based on how you putt, turning your practice into a game. Automatically analysing and comparing the results instantaneously, you get scored on, rotation, trajectory and dynamics to give an overall score for every putt.

Solid & Light
The same sturdy case as the Capto Gen 2, but smaller in size and waterproof.

Portable & Powerful
Capto is extremely easy to set up, using a lightweight sensor that attaches to the shaft of the putter. View stroke data on the small device screen or simply connect via WiFi to your app and you're ready to go. Within the app you can see simple stroke metrics or view the stroke mechanics in intricate detail.

3D Motion
Your Game, our Stroke, Your Putter
Understand precisely how the putter is moving in 3D and view the putting stroke from every conceivable angle. As well as seeing the sweet spot and rotational putt planes, 3D Motion allows us to understand the exact movements of the putter, in 3D, at every moment of the stroke.

Sensor Dimension
  • Dimension: 60.45mm x 41.3mm x 44.8mm
  • Weight: 49 grams
  • Battery life: 60 minutes connected | 15 minutes for full recharge | 110 minutes in stand alone mode
Sensor is equipped with a display monitor so you can train with or without your smartphone
  • Switch between the 8 possible values.
  • Displays 2 parameters at a time
  • Receive instant feedback after every stroke