Capto E-Learning Level 1 & 2 Certification Courses

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Take your learning to the next level!

Level 1 will take a look at a more in-depth analysis of the Capto Data and the possibilities of the software. We will also go through some of the physics that apply in putting.

At the end of level 1 course you will:

✔︎ Know some basic physics that apply in putting
✔︎ Understand the majority of the Capto data
✔︎ Know how to adjust settings and create reports
✔︎ Know the difference between the different modes in which you can use Capto
✔︎ Learn how Capto can improve your teaching and coaching on putting
✔︎ Have passed the final exam

Throughout level 2 course we will take a more detailed look at some of the data that weren't discussed in Level 1. We will take a look at:

 • Handling
 • Trembling
 • Sweetspot Rotation
 • Accelerations / Speeds
 • 3D
 • Putter Rail
 • Protocol
 • Live
 • Simulator
 • Screening Students
 • Putting Drills

At the end of the course you will:

✔︎ Understand all of the Capto data we didn't cover in Level 1
✔︎ Know how to use the different Capto parameters to improve your students putting
✔︎ Learn how to work with the Protocol and Simulator mode
✔︎ Have passed the final exam