AAR Alignment Stick

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Improve Shoulder Turn for more power and speed

Improve Shoulder Tilt for more compression and accuracy

The Swingworks AAR Alignment Stick has the all the functionalities and capabilities of a traditional alignment rod, but when attached to the shoulders, AAR has the capabilities of improving the following::

• Shoulder Alignment

• Shoulder Turn

• Shoulder Tilt at the top of the swing

• Shoulder Tilt at impact

• Spine Angle

• Ball Striking

• Putting on line

With AAR, golfers no longer need the expensive golf technology to identify or measure their alignment, shoulder turn, or shoulder tilt. AAR gives immediate feedback as you hit balls.

Gone are the days of holding alignment rods and golf clubs across your chest. AAR is the new alignment rod designed to help golfers at all levels improve on important swing fundamentals for the upper and lower body. As the fundamentals improve, so will distance and accuracy.