2023 Caddie Bag

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The Fourteen Golf Caddie Bag has been created through pursuing an athletic design with the theme of "simple is best." This caddy bag is a must-have for competitive golfers as it boasts a large storage capacity and professional look. 

On the side, Fourteen's symbol "feathers" are expressed in three-dimensional form using special metal parts. The fabric used is leather-like, creating a simple yet striking beauty similar to that of golf clubs. 

Equipped with carabiner parts that are convenient for attaching gloves and towels. This is also a special metal part with a logo. 

Large capacity ball pocket with a waterproof zipper. 


  • 9 inch / 5-way top 
  • Colors (2 colors): White or black  
  • Material: Synthetic leather  
  • Weight: 4.5kg