Momentus Ace Trainer

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The Ace Trainer was created for all levels of players, including beginners. Select the Ace Trainer that is right for you, there is one for every age group.

Magnetic Sliding Ball
The Magnetic Sliding Ball requires the properly-timed acceleration and upward motion to release off the grip, slide up the shaft, and strike the end of the Ace Trainer at the apex of your serve. If the ball hits before or after the top of your serve, you’ve made the wrong serving motion and hit a bad serve.

Mastering the Serve
Master the incredible feeling of “Hitting Up on the Ball” in your serve in just minutes! The Ace Trainer will develop the same feel and motion that the best servers in the game share. The Ace Trainer will revolutionize your service motion, help you serve more aces, increase your first serve percentage, and give you great confidence in the most important shot in tennis!